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GreenChem Strikes Deal to Expand AdBlue Reach in Slovenia

GreenChem Holding B.V., a leading producer of AdBlue, announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Promos d.o.o., a respected and widely utilized provider of AdBlue solutions in Slovenia. This exciting new deal will expand GreenChem’s reach to Central Europe and Western Balkan countries, enabling them to better serve these regions.  „We are pleased … Continued

GreenChem launched new SCR cleaner – Effinox

For many vehicles with light-duty applications, it is not uncommon to have SCR issues. This is mainly caused by the vehicles continuing to fully dose AdBlue when the exhaust temperatures are not at their optimum, resulting in poor hydrolyzation of AdBlue conversion to ammonia and a build-up of deposits on the SCR catalyst. In sectors … Continued

What you need to know about the EU Ambient Air Quality Directives

What are the EU Ambient Air Quality Directives and how did they come into place? Clean air is essential to not only our health but also to the environment. However, due to human activities, air quality has deteriorated markedly. These activities are notably linked to industry, energy production, domestic heating, agriculture, and transport. In the … Continued

How to differentiate between Euro 6 and Euro 7

What are they? ‘Euro 6’ is the name of a single stage in a long-term, multi-step plan to reduce emissions across the EU. This plan started in 1992 with Euro 1, and chronologically, and began to make small changes and updates. This is where we are now. Differently worded, Euro 6 and Euro 7 are … Continued

Was ist SCR?

253 Millionen Autos fahren heute auf den europäischen Straßen1. Eine beeindruckende Zahl, die zudem viel über die Bedeutung des Autos in unserem Leben aussagt. 3 % dieser 253 Millionen Autos (also 7,59 Mio.) sind im Jahr 2015 verkaufte Neuwagen, und davon wiederum sind 49 % Dieselfahrzeuge. Wie Sie bestimmt wissen, versuchen heute viele Großstädte, Dieselautos aus dem Straßenverkehr zu verbannen, mit … Continued

Was genau ist AdBlue®?

Sehen wir uns zunächst an, was AdBlue® genau ist. AdBlue® ist eine flüssige, klare Lösung aus destilliertem Wasser und Harnstoff (32,5 %). AdBlue® wird in die Abgase von Dieselmotoren eingespritzt, um unter Einsatz der SCR-Technik (selektive katalytische Reduktion) die Stickoxid (NOx)-Emissionen zu reduzieren. Durch die Hitze der Abgase wird AdBlue zersetzt und es entsteht Ammoniak, das … Continued